Fundraising Update


Update on the School Building Project

Many old boys, parents and friends of the school are eager to know about the progress of the school hall project and related refurbishments.

You will remember that the original target for the fundraising campaign was R40M. The envisioned project mapped out the building of the new school hall, the creation of a new media centre and the building of new facilities for the music department. Those objectives were identified as much as a decade ago, and were based on the careful consideration of how to best accommodate the then growing school population.

To make this Fundraising drive a little more interesting, we have set targets per 10 year group. The targets are as follows:

pre-1950: R100 000
1950-59: R1.7 million
1960-69: R4.3 million
1970-79: R5.5 million
1980-89: R5 million
1990-99: R3.4 million
2000-2009: R1 million


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