an investment in boys high

is an investment in south africa


Fundraiser News

Gail Bloemink will be out of office from the 24th of July to the 17th of August. Any fundraising queries, pledges etc. must be directed to Bill Schroder on during that period.

Fundraising Update

By now, all donors should have received the email outlining the revised project...

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Year Group Targets

To make this Fundraising drive a little more interesting, we have set targets per 10 year group. The targets are as follows:

pre-1950: R100 000
1950-59: R1.7 million
1960-69: R4.3 million
1970-79: R5.5 million
1980-89: R5 million
1990-99: R3.4 million
2000-2009: R1 million

 Decade Progress

 Year Progress